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J.S., Redwood City


"I cannot say enough positive things about the work Alison Sayar has done for our son and family. Over the last 3 years, she has advocated and advised during every step of the way during his IEP meetings and settlements negotiations. She was critical in our success in settling with our school district. Alison formerly worked for a very prestigious law firm in Palo Alto, but her heart led her to Special Education Law. She is a polished professional who is fair, firm, yet personable. She will provide as much or as little support as you desire. We are always proud to have her by our side and I recommend her services to everyone."

J.S Redwood City

J. W., San Jose



I would highly recommend Alison Sayar to any special needs parent should they find themselves in need of an attorney to represent them and their child or if they just need consultation on the law and the rights of a child. Whether for an IEP, 504 or any other situation that may arise when dealing with a school district or a selpa, Alison Sayar’s attention to detail, case preparation, clear and concise interaction and communication with families in understanding options and what to expect is exemplary.

I was in need of representation for my son who was then 10 years old and is diagnosed with ASD and I.D. Our school district was in a state of transition on how or what to do with intensive intervention and therapies for my son with little regard to the law or my son’s rights to a free and appropriate education.

I’d know Alison for several years on a personal level and had always seen how diligent and compassionate she was in dealing with families and how thorough and determined she was in dealing with school districts to secure and insure that a child with special needs was provided the services and supports they might need to receive their education.

Not only did Alison communicate with me on some of the intricacies of the law,  she also looked at various options and solutions to bring to the table when we met with school personnel. I’d love to be able to tell you that we resolved our conflict with the district they very first meeting but unfortunately both sides were very far apart from any kind of resolution.

Mediation was our next step and I’m thrilled to report that it was all due to Alison’s knowledge of the law, firmness in demanding adherence to the law and also her ability to look at all possible scenario’s that might bridge two parties who at the beginning were at opposite ends.

I’m happy to report that our case was mediated successfully by Alison and my son continued to receive a comprehensive individualized education that benefitted not only him but hundreds of children who came after him in our district due to Alison insuring that comprehensive strategies and supports be widely available to all children with special needs. It should be noted that in large part due to Alison’s ability to look long term for the child’s welfare that she always attempts to have the family and the district collaborate to resolve issues that may arise which makes a family feel empowered and a school district feel less litigious.

I do feel that any family who requires legal representation should contact Alison. They will be in very competent hands.

Joanne W. (mom to Brett C. now 25 years and doing wonderfully)

San Jose

M.R., Los Altos


My wife and I feel privileged to have known Alison for over 10 years, beginning when she worked with us to obtain a settlement from the school district and county for educational services for our grandson.  Her beauty and caring compliment a tiger’s strength and determination to champion for her client—while doing her best to keep legal fees reasonable.  We value our relationship with her.
M.R. Los Altos

A.A., San Ramon


Alison Sayar’s office was recommended to us by our advocate. Since the first meeting with Ms. Sayar, I could clearly see her superb skills and her passion for helping children like mine who have significant special needs. Ms. Sayar is sharp, knowledgeable, caring, detail oriented and very organized. It was critical for us to ensure that our daughter is able to access proper education despite of her very unique case which makes finding a placement suitable for her a very challenging task. Alison was not only able to negotiate a proper private placement for our daughter, she was also able to restore the relationship with our School District which was previously  terribly damaged by our prior law firm. 

It was very comforting for us to see that Alison had a clear plan for managing our case while being very mindful of not billing us for a large number of hours. She was deferring some of the work to our advocate so we are not charged the higher rate. Every advice she gave us was so precious and very effective in the negotiation process for our child.

Alison was always there for me, we feel empowered by having her on our child's team. Its the best thing we have done for our child. 

A.A. San Jose